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You can’t always take the emotion out of buying a property.
We’ll stay cool, calm and collected for you.

Bond Lifestyle Properties is changing the face of real estate on the South Coast. It’s eclectic team of Agents come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including healthcare, business, interior decorating, styling, hospitality, and photography. Working together, they have the focus, compassion and communication skills to take the stress out of your property search. At Bond Lifestyle Properties, you don’t get one Agent — you get a support team.

Carrie Bond

founder, Bond Lifestyle Properties

“I hand-picked every person on my team because they have something very special about them. They won’t just sell or find your perfect property, but also enhance your life.”

Carrie Bond is the go-to Sales Executive on the South Coast for high-end homes with unique selling points, which frequently fly off the market thanks to her local knowledge, extensive contact book and wealth of experience. As part of a number of award-winning sales teams, Carrie has represented a wide range of properties across the Illawarra and NSW South Coast: from luxury farm escapes to beachside penthouses, modern developments and Heritage-protected properties. She works closely with vendors to uncover the story behind their home and to showcase the dream lifestyle or business opportunity it has to offer.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the regional area inspired her early love of architecture and design. With academic achievements in science, life science, agriculture and business, she is both a creative and strategic thinker. This, coupled with a background in hospitality, means Carrie knows how to showcase your property at its best and attract crowds to every viewing.

From styling and photography, to viewings and negotiations, Carrie supports vendors through every stage of the selling process, ensuring they shine a spotlight on their property’s best features and the highlights of the local area — an area she genuinely loves.

In 2021, Carrie launched Bond Lifestyle Properties to offer a focused and personalised service — an agency where every home is a priority and every vendor feels supported, listened to and overjoyed with their result.

Our Team

Whitney Schadel

Assistant Agent

“Looking after a patient is the same as looking after a client. Sometimes, you need to be their counsellor, their mentor, their guide. Everyone, really, just craves security.”

For an agent with heart and a large dose of compassion, look no further than Whitney Schadel, who, as an assistant agent and a Registered Nurse, is passionate about both her vocations. The two careers are surprisingly similar, says Whitney. Both require patience, empathy, a listening ear and the ability to think two steps ahead of every situation.

Since entering the real estate industry as an assistant four years ago, Whitney has mastered every step of the real estate process, from appraisals, to viewings, negotiations and aftercare — ensuring that her clients end up feeling like friends.

As a South Coast local with young children and a love of horses, Whitney’s area insight includes the best schools, hospitals and family amenities, and a knowledge of rural properties.

Following in the family real estate business, she wants every client to feel valued and have a personalised experience.

Susannah Jarman

Assistant Agent

“In the team, I’m be the one streamlining the processes and simplifying the road to buying a property. I love it!”

With a background in medical sales and experience in running a successful business, Suzie’s superpower is taking a complex situation and making it feel simple. With a long interest in property, she met Carrie after buying her dream home on the South Coast. Now, she passes the same success to her clients.

Originally from Sydney, Suzie has experience in the art of building a property portfolio, with specialist knowledge in rural properties. She aims to demystify the process, whether you have questions about zoning, services, fencing or septic systems, and understands the unique experience of buying acreage.

Her experience also includes apartment, townhouses and developments. After raising three children in the area, Suzie can offer insight into local schools, sports clubs and services to support a growing family. A nature lover, ask her about the highlights of the South Coast landscape, from beaches to rivers and National Parks.

Lisa Kiteley

Office Manager

“I am very excited to take on this next chapter in my life at Bond Lifestyle Properties, working alongside a very motivated, dynamic and diverse team.”

The multi-skilled officer manager of the Bond Lifestyle Properties team, Lisa Kiteley keeps the real estate agency running seamlessly and ensures that every new client is welcomed, assisted and feels supported through every stage of the buying, selling or renting process.

For Lisa, acting in the best interest of every client comes naturally. A diverse career, including nursing and early childhood education, means her people skills are second to none. Her adventurous background, including working at a Kibbutz in Israel, means she is the capable and unshakeable support person you want on your side (and has a lot of great stories to tell!)

Add in a background in business and retail, and Lisa is an expert at anticipating people’s needs, ensuring no detail is overlooked and maintaining the smooth day-to-day running of the agency, whilst keeping staff morale high.

Reach out to Lisa today — the friendly first step on your real estate journey.

Connor Bond

Assistant Agent

“We’re a very close family business with a strong bond. It’s amazing to work with each other to create something that is amazing for us and our clients.”

Connor Bond made his way into real estate via the Navy as a student helicopter pilot, a stint as a student pilot and a career as a Professional Golfer. The diverse career path gave him an edge when it comes to focus, teamwork and cutting-edge communication skills.

In his early twenties, Connor was holding his own on the golfing circuit with major winner and world-ranking players. As personal development, it gave him the confidence to transition into real estate with a cool head and a self-assurance that has enabled him to find success from the get-go.

With a background in rural contracting, providing services to agriculture, he also has a strong knowledge of rural properties.

Albey Bond

Photographer - Social Media Creative Director

“I’ve photographed spectacular scenery around the world, but there’s something very special about the South Coast and showcasing the kind of lifestyle you can have if you live here.”

With natural flair and extensive experience, Albey Bond is the marketing expert of the Bond Lifestyle Properties team, who will ensure your property is showcased at its best and catches the attention of the ideal audience.

With a career spanning hospitality, high-end weddings and multiple photography styles, Albey is committed to working closely with clients to advertise their property to the highest standard.

A seasoned photographer with global experience in commercial photography, events photography, portraiture and photo journalism, he is always looking for ways to innovate and use new technology to reach the largest number of buyers (he is also the artistic eye behind our drone photoshoots).

Albey also oversees Bond Lifestyle Properties’ creative vision, social media, advertising and marketing strategies. Work with him to give your property maximum exposure, attract bidders and achieve the highest sale price.


At Bond Lifestyle Properties, you don’t get
one agent - you get a support team.

Whether looking to buy, putting your property on the market, after a property manager or looking for a holiday listing, we’d love to help you!